part time

First year level Media Studies is offered at Wits Plus, the University's centre for part-time learning for students who work full time. Classes take place in the evenings on campus. 

At present, Wits Plus students can take only first year level courses in Media Studies. We anticipate making second and third year level courses available over the next 3-4 years, which will allow for students to consider majoring in Media Studies through Wits Plus in the medium term. Students who undertake a BA degree through Wits Plus usually take 4-6 years to complete their studies, depending on the number of courses they enroll for and complete in a single year. 

In 2016, Wits Plus students will be able to take only our two first year courses SLLS1008 (Media & Society) and SLLS1009 (Reading Media Forms). 

We anticipate offering second year courses in 2017 and third year courses in 2018. 

For  more information about applying to part-time study at Wits please visit the Wits Plus website. 

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