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class projects

A number of courses invite students to create practical media interventions, such as video documentaries and blogs, as part of the assessed coursework. Here is a selection of the most interesting projects recently created by students. 


The third year class New Media & Society, taught by Dr Nicky Falkof is concerned with the intersection between digital/social media forms and questions of identity, power, economies, globalisation and justice. Students in this class are asked to create a Tumblr blog that responds to one of the five themes covered in the class. Outstanding blog projects from each year of the course are showcased below.

Pottie Mouth (2015) was designed and written by Tatum Bedworth, Divine Lomboto, Tshepang Khunou, Genesis Manney and Simphiwe Ndhebele
Marketing the Self (2015) was designed and written by Shannon Dinnie, Sipesihle January, Fumani Mabogoane, Thembi Mchunu and Wanda van de Hogan

The third year course Media & Global Culture, taught by Dr Mehita Iqani in 2015, looks at questions of how media produce and respond to globalisation, from political, cultural, economical and environmental perspectives. In 2015 the coursework was organised around the theme of climate change. The class project was to create a collaborative video book review of This Changes Everything, by Naomi Klein. Students were allocated a chapter to review and tasked with producing a short video summarising the key arguments of their chapter. The complete collaborative book review can be viewed at this YouTube playlist.


In 2016, the Honours class Global Cinema and Society analysed 12 feature films from around the world as case studies of global social issues. Students were asked to give a presentation that discussed one of the films alongside a recent and relevant South African media text. In response, Michelle Avanthay produced this video presentation that compares the Chilean film La Nana to a piece of signage commonly found around Johannesburg. 


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