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Ufuoma Akpojivi

(Post-graduate Co-ordinator)

My research focus is in two broad areas. Firstly, I am interested in how expression (whether political and cultural), and institutions (media, economic and political) impact on policy processes and the degree to which the exercise for control between these institutions lead to citizens empowerment or disempowerment. Secondly I am also interested in exploring the various dimensions of political processes and media from the global and national perspective.
I am currently working on a project with a colleague from Okanagan College, Canada. This project explores privacy issues with New Mobile Technologies i.e. Google Glass, Tablets, and iwatch and how these new mobile technological devices aid marketing activities and their impact on the everyday lives of the citizens.
I also have interest in Public Relations and have authored many newspapers and magazines articles during my years in the media industry as a Public Relations Officer.

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Honours: Minimum of 65% pass for a BA, with a major in Media Studies or a related discipline.
Masters: Minimum of 70% pass for an Honours degree in Media Studies or a related discipline.
PhD: Minimum of 70% or an equivalent pass for a Masters degree in Media Studies or a related discipline.

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