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The MA in Media Studies at Wits is a research-only degree. This means that we do not offer any coursework components. Those admitted to the programme will be required to conceptualise and undertake a major research project in close collaboration with their supervisor, culminating in a 50,000-word dissertation.

Admission to this programme is limited to students with a strong Media Studies background and an average score of 70% in a BA Honours programme. We do consider candidates with Honours degrees in areas other than Media Studies, provided that there is existing training in the social scienecs and humanities and a clear rationale for the interest in Media Studies. Students can only be admitted if there is an appropriate supervisor available. The degree can be undertaken part- or full-time.

Interested students can apply online on the main Wits website, where they will be expected to upload an Expression of Interest in line with this template. If there is supervision available for your project, you will need to undertake a writing test and to provide one confidential reference from an academic source. 

Prospective students should This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. the postgrad coordinator, Ufuoma Akpojivi, before applying. Please have a look at the Media Studies staff profiles, where you can find out about our research interests and consider potential supervisors for your work. 

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Entry requirements for postgraduate degrees

Honours: Minimum of 65% pass for a BA, with a major in Media Studies or a related discipline.
Masters: Minimum of 70% pass for an Honours degree in Media Studies or a related discipline.
PhD: Minimum of 70% or an equivalent pass for a Masters degree in Media Studies or a related discipline.

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Wits Media Studies will help you understand how media work and how they affect us. We critically analyse the role of media in politics, culture and the economy.
We contribute to scholarly debates and research about media and consumerism, and media and democracy in the Global South.
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