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Congratulations Dr Mugari!

Dr Zvenyika Mugari

The Media Studies department is thrilled to congratulate Dr Zvenyika Eckson Mugari, who recently graduated with his Doctor of Philosophy in Media Studies for a thesis entitled:

Rethinking news values and newsroom practices in postcolonial contexts and the construction of subaltern identities

Dr Zvenyika Eckson Mugari's work blends critical discourse analysis with ethnographic inquiry to explore discursive constructions of subaltern identities in postcolonial contexts of news production by mainstream news organisations in colonial and post-independence Zimbabwe. The study critically explores continuities and disjunctures in newsroom cultures of production in colonial and in post-independence situations in which marginalized former colonial subjectivities are located. It reads two newspapers, The Herald and The Daily News as critical in tracing historical moments of forced removals in Zimbabwe.

The thesis was supervised by Doctor Dina Ligaga, Senior Lecturer in the Media Studies department. Congratulations to both student and supervisor!

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