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Media Studies Wins Faculty Teaching & Learning Award for Team Teaching

The Media Studies department is thrilled to announce that it has been awarded the Faculty Team Teaching Award for 2015. The award is in recognition of our "clear demonstration of team work, collegiality, and inclusive decision-making across the three years of the undergraduate curriculum". According to the Assistant Dean for Teaching and Learning, "the Faculty is lucky to have such a considered and thougtful group contributing to the teaching and learning environment" at Wits. 

The award comes with a R40,000 grant, which the department will use in student-centred and curriculum-development projects during 2016. 

According to Media Studies HoD, Dr Nicky Falkof, the department is thrilled to have been recognised for "the fact that we all work really hard and really well together, and that everyone in the department genuinely cares about our students". 

The department has also been nominated by the Faculty of Humanities for the Vice-Chancellor's Team Teaching Award. 

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