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Welcome back to all students!


A warm welcome (back) to all students joining the Media Studies department in 2016. We have learned a huge amount from the student movement of 2015, and acknowledge the passion, committment and sacrified of many students who participated in the FeesMustFall movement last year. We're very proud of all media studies students who contributed to the massive achievements towards accessible education for all. 

We're committed to doing what we can to support the drive for reform of the higher education system, while also continuing to look after all the students who are currently in the system. We are committed to offering relevant, globally competitive and locally contextualised higher education in the field of media studies. We have worked hard to ensure that our curriculum is transformed, and is pertinent to the concerns of South Africa, the continent and the global south in general, without completely abandoning key perspectives from media studies in the "north". 

This year we welcome over 400 first year students, over 200 second years and over 100 third years to our programme. We also have our usual Honours (4th year) cohort of around 20 students. We look forward to learning with all of you this year, and keeping you all up to date on relevant news here on our website. 

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