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Research Seminar: Dr. Simidele Dosekun (Sussex) - "Eko for Show!’: Postfeminist Spectacular Meets Lagos"

The Wits Media Studies Department will be proudly hosting a lunchtime research seminar with Dr. Simidele Dosekun (University of Sussex) on 23 May 2018, 13h15 - 15h00
Eko for Show!’: Postfeminist Spectacular Meets Lagos
'Eko for show' is a rhyming Nigerian expression that brands the city of Lagos - 'Eko,' in Yoruba -  a showy and flamboyant place, its citizens given to spectacle, over-invested in appearances, competitively seeking to impress and indeed 'oppress' through visual and material display. This talk maps and surfaces the city in the postfeminist self-fashioning and self-representation of a set of elite Lagos women, showing how, including in its cosmopolitanism, a new transnational style of femininity makes particular local - Lagosian - sense.
Dr. Simidele Dosekun is a lecturer in media and cultural studies at the University of Sussex. Her forthcoming monograph is on the fashioning of postfeminist subjectivities in Lagos
This research seminar will take place at the Wits Graduate Seminar Room, Southwest Engineering Building, East Campus.
Date: 23 May 2018
Time: 13h15 - 15h00
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Tel: (011) 717-7914

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