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Special Course for 2017 Power Stream students: Digital Activism


This announcement is for the attention of students who intend to register for the Power stream in 2017. There has been a slight change in the programme for next year. We're pleased to annouce that Dr Bruce Mutsvairo, a renowned academic and journalist, will be joining us as a visiting scholar at the start of 2017 and has agreed to teach a third year module. During the time scheduled for the first quarter class Critical Political Economy of the Media, Dr Mutsvairo will be teaching a course on Digital Activism (description below). Please note that THE OFFICIAL TITLE AND COURSE CODE HAVE NOT CHANGED. If you are registering for the Power stream you must still register for Critical Political Economy of the Media (SLLS3014); however the content of the class that you attend will be slightly different. Registration for streams takes place at the same time as normal registration. When you are registering for your third year major you will select the core course as well as the three courses in your stream. Please direct any questions to Prof Nicky Falkof at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Course overview:
The Internet is being considered a powerful platform used by pro-democracy activists to negotiate and sometimes push for reform-based political and social changes. Are digital activists and citizen journalists the new change instigators? What are the complexities involved in digital activism? Is it ethically right to bolster the new media and networking capabilities of civil society organisations to enable democratic and social reforms? Is it within an authoritarian regime's right to implement restrictions to the various social media sites in a bid to fend off marauding digital activists? How different are citizen journalists from traditional journalists? This module will probe the vitality, potentiality and ability of new communication and technological changes in driving political and social changes around the world. Various case studies and concepts including the Arab Spring, Wikileaks, clicktivism and the cute cat theory of digital activism will be explored.

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