Nkululeko Sibiya

Wits Plus Lecturer



Taking up Media Studies was like a calling for me. In 2011 I joined the department as an undergraduate student, then as a postgraduate student and tutor. I have been tutoring for two years and believe a great part of my experience and growth has come from engaging, debating and learning from fellow students in the department. I am currently completing a Master’s degree in Media Studies, and I am responsible for teaching first year Media Studies on the part-time programme at Wits Plus.


BA (Hons) Media Studies (WITS, 2014) - with distinction. 
BA Media Studies and Politics (WITS, 2013)


I am fascinated by the functioning of the contemporary public sphere. My Honours research titled ‘The Wits Public Sphere and the Sexual Harassment Case’ investigated the struggles of female students trying to expose prevalent sexual harassment at Wits University. My current work explores threats to media freedom in the South African parliament, with a specific focus on the State of the Nation Address of 2015. This work seeks to investigate and understand the disruptions that occurred during the SONA address by the President in early 2015. Of interest was the use of signal jammers which saw journalists being unable to execute their duties, as well as the censoring of the broadcast of the forceful removal of the EFF from Parliament. Freedom of speech and the free flow of information are central to democratic and economic development, and it is our duty as media scholars to continuously assess the health of our democracy and media freedom.


Office: Room 3172, Solomon Mahlangu House West Wing, East Campus
Tel: 011 717 4163.  
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