Sean Thurtell

My journey in the field of Media Studies, above all other disciplines, has moulded me into the critical thinker I am today. My academic career began in 2011 as a BA undergraduate student. In 2014, I completed my Honours and am currently finalising my Master's degree. As I believe learning comes from interaction, I have tutored for three years in multiple departments on a variety of content. I have also had the opportunity to guest lecture third year and honours students. In 2017, I will be teaching the second year part-time students for the first semester at Wits Plus, as well as, guest lectures for the second year, first semester mainstream students.


BA (Hons) Media Studies (WITS, 2014) - with distinction.
BA Media Studies and Psychology (WITS, 2013)


I am intrigued by the complexities of the seemingly ordinary daily practices of consumerism. My field of focus is in the retail sector, more specifically malls. As a text, malls represent complex narratives of social insight about South Africa as an urban modernity, playing its part within a globalised consumer culture. My Honours research titles 'Sensory Consumerism, The Zombie and the Mall: an ethnographic semiotic analysis of Clearwater Mall', explored how we holistically consume with our senses long before making any monetary purchases. My current research project titled 'Shopping and Guns: An analysis of public discourses in social media about mall robberies in South Africa', delves into a variety of thematic content about public opinion regarding the effects that armed robberies has towards disrupting daily shopping experiences. As a discourse, this research highlights how mall robberies not only pose threats to public safety, but they also represent contestations towards the socioeconomic inequalities still present from apartheids engineered system of social segregation. Mall robberies are more than just acts of criminality, it is a social issue, and as media scholars it is our duty to highlight these issues through critical investigation.


Office: Room 3172, Solomon Mahlangu House West Wing, East Campus
Tel: 011 717 4163.
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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