Nicky Falkof

Associate Professor and undergraduate student coordinator

In 2012 I returned to South Africa from the UK, where I completed my Masters and PhD, to take up an NRF-funded postdoctoral research fellowship at the University of Johannesburg. I joined Wits in April 2013 as a Senior Lecturer in Media Studies, and became HOD in September 2015. 


My research is primarily concerned with the way in which popular media and culture intersect with identity and ideology. I am interested in issues to do with race, particularly whiteness, and gender, particularly masculinity, as well as with fear, affect and cultural and urban mythologies. I take a multidisciplinary approach that draws on cultural studies, media studies, psychoanalysis, anthropology and sociology, among others. My interests manifest in a number of disparate but related areas.

Mass culture:
One stream that my research takes relates to popular mass cultural products, generally genre film and television, that travel globally. I have written and published on race and masculinity in 1980s Hollywood action cinema, including Conan the Barbarian, Rambo, Die Hard, Lethal Weapon and Predator; on risk and fear in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles; and on masculinity in Mad Men and the output of Die Antwoord.

Risk, anxiety and moral panic:
My doctoral and post-doctoral research was concerned with crises in white identity during the late apartheid period, read symptomatically through media reporting on the Satanism scare and so-called epidemic of Afrikaans family murder, published as a monograph in 2015. I am currently engaged in a project that considers risk, anxiety and moral panic in the global south. Drawing on Zygmunt Bauman's ideas about the 'culture of fear', it considers issues like contemporary Satanist murders and urban legends in Johannesburg townships. 

Spatial politics:
I have a concurrent interest in the intersections between space and identity in contemporary global south cities. I have published on the shift from maids’ rooms to garden cottages in Johannesburg and am working on a project that considers white expatriate anxieties in cities like Santiago de Chile. 



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Journal articles:

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Book chapters:

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